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Welcome to East Africa Visits, your travel guide to Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia & South Sudan including information on things to do, neighborhoods, attractions, tours, restaurants and hotels etc.

We are your number one source for information and advice to help you plan a safari in East Africa, one of the best safari destinations in Africa. The guide showcases East Africa; the home and heartland of an African safari. The region is endowed with the world’s most ancient and endangered flora & fauna, the Great East African Rift Valley, the Big Five animals that tourists seek on safaris, great historical and cultural sites, Africa’s highest mountains and ranges, and more.

The guide highlights the best places to visit, things to see and do in the different countries in East Africa. Find exclusive information on how to get to different destinations, travel tips and advice as well as a comprehensive listing of tourism providers including tour operators, travel agents, accommodation and more.

Why Visit East Africa

East Africa is a melting pot of culture, scenery, and of course, amazing wild animals and great mountains like Kilimanjaro, Meru, Kenya, Elgon and Rwenzori mountains. The East African wilderness is home to one of the world’s last reservoirs of wildlife, a wide variety of natural habitats; from coral reefs to open grasslands and tropical forests as well as peoples of diverse cultural backgrounds staying both in the rural areas and the modern cosmopolitan cities that defy the picture that most travelers have of Africa. Nowhere on earth offers an experience quite like a holiday in East Africa. Holidays in Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, Zanzibar, Rwanda and Uganda offer a truly diverse experience.

Travel Information

Preparing to travel to East Africa? In this section find information on best times to visit, what to bring, what to arrange, essential things to pack and other useful information to make the most from your East African safari. Find News, information and updates on planning safaris, travel information on obtaining Visa, how to get here and around, and more. Find listing of embassies and diplomatic missions, hotels, safari lodges, campsites, tourism service providers including tour operators and more.

We also share with you informative travel tips on traveling through East Africa, what to wear, and more trip planning information arranged by countries. We share contacts of different reliable travel service providers for East African Safaris detailed with contact emails & websites.

Where to Stay

There are many hotels in East Africa! Find listing of hotels, safari lodges, campsites & accommodation, restaurants arranged by countries and cities. Planning to take a safari in East Africa? Find out the best lodges for your safari in various national parks around East Africa.


There are many airlines operating to and within EastAfrica. Find Information on flight schedules, airlines, ticketing & related services.

Things to Do

Wondering about what to do in EastAfrican? Here are the top things to do as well as most popular safaris to take. Popular safaris include Wildlife safaris, Mountain Climbing, Gorilla safaris, beach holidays and more. Adventure activities include game viewing, mountaineering, rafting, Scuba, Fishing, Golfing,

Travel News & Updates

East Africa News Travel News updated regularly to help you plan your trip perfectly.


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Travel Planner

Preparing for Safari

  • Getting ready and what to bring

Travel Info for East Africa

  • Useful Travel Documents
  • East African Visa
  • Immigration Laws

Safe Travel to East Africa

  • Safety Tips
  • Health Tips
  • Safety considerations

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About East Africa

East Africa is the world’s second-largest and second most-populous continent. It is a continent of contrasts with a billion people that accounts for about 14.72% of the World’s human population. East Africa is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, both the Suez Canal and the Red Sea along the Sinai Peninsula to the northeast, the Indian Ocean to the southeast, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. The continent straddles the equator and has a total of 54 countries; and it is widely regarded within the scientific community to be the origin of humans.