Cycling Holidays in East Africa

Since time immemorial, bicycles have been a vitally important form of transport throughout Africa. If you’re planning a cycling vacation, it’s likely you’ll be riding a quality mountain bike. But most of the bikes you’ll be passing along the way will be of the sturdy Chinese variety, with no gears. Despite the often hilly terrain, these bikes are strong enough to carry heavy objects, bring essential supplies to and from rural villages, and act as taxis and transport families to work and school. They are easy to fix, and do not require expensive gas that’s often hard to find. They are more reliable than vehicles and don’t require roads.However,when you opt for this kind of safari, you are likely to use a more sophisticated and state-of-art bikes that are powered by gears due to the topography and general terrain of Uganda’s landscape.All these bikes are hired from Experience Africa Safaris at a relatively low costs.This kind of safari enables one to view Uganda at the fullest including the rare views of the different plantations that one does not enjoy freely on in a vehicle. For instance, when on a safari to Western region of Uganda, one can view tea plantations and to the East, sugar cane plantations are normally viewed.

This is a whole world within one region, whose riches in natural attractions are just as fascinating as the variety of cultures and people who live here. And all of that in a comfortable climate with one of the highest number of sun hours in the world. When the grey winter in Europe begins, it is all roses in Uganda. So just grace the Ugandan soil and go cycling, hiking and adventure tours with Experience Africa Safaris.

Mountain bike safaris and tours are becoming increasingly popular on the Ugandan soils simply because the country boasts of a relatively flat land that enables one to cycle to the different national parks with ease. Mountain biking is also a popular sport in other East African countries but more so in Uganda where the mountainous terrain and good roads offer wonderful active vacations. In Uganda there are plenty of scenic routes to enjoy, both on and off the road, especially in the central region.

Join us on a cycling safari in Uganda Unique flora and fauna awaits you, as well as the welcoming and hospitable nature of Ugandans. You will be cycling on a diverse route takes through the comfortably cool, green highlands mainly on tar and partly on gravel roads. Hikes through renown Murchison falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth and Lake Mburo National Park offer closer encounters with different lemurs, chameleons and of course the magnificent tropical trees.

A new combined Hiking tour in Uganda and Rwanda brings the highlights of the south-western side of the region together. During the 1-6 hour hikes you discover the undulating hills of Kabale and Kisoro, as well as the bizarre Virunga. They are combined with a climb and descent in the East African region.

We lay a high value on personal care on our tours so that your holiday with us is unforgettable. We, therefore, only have English speaking tour guides who are well conversant with map and history of the region so you won’t leave any stone unturned and the experience of living here will bring you closer to this fascinating region and ignite your enthusiasm for this continent.

Road races are common in Uganda especially on the Uganda cycling association calendar and many of them draw over 4000 riders from all over the region, to enjoy this scenic route every year. There are hundreds of smaller races held throughout Uganda and Rwanda year round.

Biking holidays in Uganda are best when it’s dry and not too hot. East Africa biking trips are best in January – February and July – August. If you plan to cross Africa on a bike there’s nothing more valuable than information from those who have done it.

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