Go on Self Drive in Uganda

With a rental car from Drive Uganda, you can reach the most distant points in East Africa. Sitting behind the while and enjoying a self drive vacation is a fun and economical way to get around the different amazing places in East Africa. With a good network of roads, you easily travel today around the region.

Why Go on a Self Drive?

Most of the attractions in Uganda are situated in areas that are away from public transport reach. This leaves any visitor with two options; either go on a guided tour or opt for self driving to those stunning attractions.

There are lots of vehicle options that you can use to get around the country. There are automobiles ranging from SUV s to compact and even economical cars. If you are traveling to a natonal park, a 4×4 car is essential given the nature of roads and the undulating terrain of most East African countries. These cars have proved to be practical for trips to areas with bad roads, such as the Bwindi impenetrable National Park and Kibale NP.

Tips for Self Driving

Some drivers will blink their lights to warn you, so keep an eye out.

Should you get a speeding ticket, you should turn it in to the agency, which will add it to your bill and pay it for you. This will save your valuable holiday time.

Pay close attention if you must drive after dark. This is always against most car rental agency rules. It is important to stop driving and pack the vehicle before it clocks 7:00 pm. You will find out that even most guided tours end by this time given the difficulties of driving in the dark.

Always keep an eye out for big buses and trucks coming from the other direction. Often you must stop and let them make the curve through bad roads.

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