5 Safety Tips to Enjoy Your Ride in Kigali

Safety is a major focus for most travelers exploring East Africa and because of this; we always do our best to notify our travelers to ensure they are safe while driving in Kigali or any part of Rwanda. Take look at our safety driving tips and enjoy your road trip in Kigali.

Concentrate on driving

It is advisable to pay all your attention to driving while on self drive. If you find something that you would like to see or take a photograph, it is advisable to stop the car.

  • Pay 100 percent of your attention on driving. Do not multitask.
  • Driving and transfers on the right side of the road.
  • Avoid using a phone or any kind of electronic device as you drive.
  • Drive at minimum speed-where possible slow down. Driving speed limit in town area is 40kms/hr and in provinces it is 60kms/hr.

Drive defensively

DrivingĀ  in Africa may seem to be challenging. However what you need is defensive driving.

  • Always be aware that other motorists can do something crazy and because of this, always be prepared to avoid such scenarios
  • Be aware of other drivers or road users and be expectant of the unexpected
  • Keep a 2 second cushion between you and the vehicle ahead of you

Draft a safe driving plan

It is important to craft and write down a manageable travel plan. Pay attention to the activities that you would like to engage in and make sure that they are manageable within the time frame established. Most accidents happen due to rush factors that accrue out of poor time management.

  • Draft time for stopover-for food, breaks, phone calls as well as other businesses
  • Adjust the seat, mirrors and climate controls prior setting off on a road trip
  • Pull over to eat or drink

Be practical

It is important to be practical with a Kigali Car Rental. If you have never driven a manual car don’t opt for it. There are always vehicle options that will suit you from the different car hire agencies in Rwanda.

  • Put on your seat belts while driving to your preferred destination
  • Never try to retrieve items that fall on the floor
  • Always have essential items within your easy reach

Other tips include

  • Persons above 18 years are eligible to drive in Kigali but in specifications A and B whereas those above 20 years, specifications C, D, E and F.
  • In case you are transferring on a motor cycle, make sure you are on helmet
  • Do not drive when you are drunk. Drunk driving calls for a penalty and even imprisonment once you are caught on the wrong side of the law.
  • For any emergencies, please contact the police in Rwanda
  • Have a valid driving permit at least 1 year.
  • Police have the right to stop and cross check your car and luggage.

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