Safety Tips for Car Renters in Rwanda

Rwanda is absolutely no doubt relatively a very secure country to travel but like any other country expeditions, there are always unexpected hindrances on the road which some are expected while others are unforeseen. So there has to be precautions required to be undertaken on every journey the traveler takes so as to be safe while traveling with a rental car in Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills.

What to do before you set off for the self drive expedition in Rwanda

  • Consider taking a road test with the car you just hired you get familiar with it. There are very many kinds of car manufactured around the world and many imported with different technicalities so the car rental in Rwanda might not be your usual car so take a test and get used to the wheel.
  • Take a look at the different driving maps of the destination you are leading to in that you can get the insight of the routes that are supposed to lead you to the final destination.
  • Check if the car has any damage both in the interior and the exterior. Remember a car is a machine any physical problem on it can lead to a mechanical breakdown while driving which might ruin your expedition in Rwanda.
  • Set the mirrors and the seats in your convenient place of driving so that you can get comfortable on the wheel.
  • Find if the radio, wipers, lights, turn signals, cruise control and side mirror controls are working before you set off your journey.
  • It is also a good idea to know if the car has the necessarily insurance coverage that is third party insurance and the collision waiver damage as this helps to tackle the unforeseen problems without incurring more cost on your Rwanda car rental. This is really vital on every car rental as it might save much more money than you can ever imagine. Remember when you rent a car without insurance and it causes or gets a problem the liabilities are on you the driver of which might cost you a fortune and end up ruining your self drive car rental in rwanda. So much recommended to never hire a car in Rwanda without comprehensive insurance.

Car rental safety tips while driving on the roads of Rwanda While driving to your final destination

  • Always keep on the main roads do not take short cuts. Just stick to the planned route if at all proposed by the car rental agency in Rwanda
  • Never give a lift to any strange you come across on the roads of Rwanda. This world is full of dark hearted people who want to cause harm to innocent people, and yes sometimes take advantage of the foreigners in the country
  • Never make a pull over particularly when it is dark or in very strange and unfamiliar place. You never know there might be highway robbers waiting to steal your belongings or still car robbers.
  • In addition to the above never get out of your car till you are sure that you are in a safe situation or reasonably better place
  • Keep your luggage in the boot of the car and always lock the vehicle when you head out to the shops or grocery and never show people that you are a guest in their area.

With the above car rental safety tips, the traveler can have a very secure and peaceful journey and drive on the roads of Africa and Rwanda.

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