8 Tips to Save on Uganda Car Rental

Are you planning to rent a car in Uganda but you do not know how you can save some money? Uganda features among the very few fastest developing countries in Africa and it is undeniable that there are also more car hire and tour operators that are ever coming every day to play part in the development of tourism sector. The largest number of these agencies has various services that they provide for their clients. Whereas some of them largely depend on car hire, others take up the travel part. And significantly they do more than hiring a car for you. This is more revealed with new car hire services in Uganda that are operated by professionals who view a big deal in beginning car hire companies. Those that are operating as tour companies offer travel advice, plan for clients a vacation either on business tour, volunteer tour or on self drive adventure in Uganda. In case you are traveling to Uganda and you are interested in renting a vehicle for your vacation, make sure that you bear the following tips at the back of your mind so as to save some money on your car hire while on Uganda safaris;

Never opt for airport taxis and car hire

Most of the airport taxis and car hire offer higher rates for visitors to rent cars given that visitors can be on a hurry to get off the airport and the curiosity to reach their dream destinations. They also get higher charges and taxes that in turn are transferred to the car renter. However, there are other clients who may not mind about the cost and they just close their eyes to rent a car of their choice. The cost incurred for hiring a car at the airport may not be the same if you dealt with an external car rental company.

Forget the international name brands

Majority of visitors on safari in Uganda at times prefer security and safety and they forget that this comes at certain fee. The inland agencies and specifically the local car hire companies in Uganda provide similar service as the international brands. The local car hire agencies that are working in Uganda provide the best car hire rates and travel advice as well. This means that if you are planning for car rental in Uganda make sure that you search for that company which deals in more than just car hire. This will earn you more than 20 percent as a saving just in case you left the international brands. The local car companies are the best to deal with when it comes to vacations in Uganda.


In Uganda it is a normal culture to bargain for a price when buying a product and the same can be applied for car hire. Majority of car hire rates for most car rental companies range from $40 to $100 each day with no fuel and driver. In case you manage to get on bargaining platform then you would be at an added advantage to land in better car hire deal. The rates always cover comprehensive insurance and the 3rd party insurance. And in case you need to a driver inclusive inquire for a general car hire rate that includes a driver. Long car hires usually come along with better deals.


In case you are searching for a better car deal in Uganda, a prepayment should be done in advance. Normally if you are renting a car for safari in Uganda and you are interested in mountain gorillas or rather chimpanzees in Kibale Forest National Park, booking for permits will be a must and this has to be done earlier before you make a visit to a destination. Such plans require sending money to purchase a permit as earlier as possible and have them booked for you.

Check out for and avoid sneaky costs

In case you are interested in car hire for self drive adventures in Uganda, prior setting off, make sure that you have taken some pictures of car scratches and anything else that will act as evidence when you return the car after your vacation. This will help safe guard you from extra costs that would be levied on you for damages that you never incurred.

Book the car as earlier as possible

In case you have finally made your mind to spend a vacation in Uganda and you are interested in renting a car either self drive or guided safaris make sure that you reserve it as earlier as possible as this could help you save some money for other things. Most of the car rental companies in Uganda equally allow clients to book a car early enough and the balance be completed up on arrival.

Set your rate

Check on your budget plan, how much do you want to spend and set a rate for the car hire company. This will be your perfect offer, check in case the car hire company will take it up and in case it doesn’t go online and surf for a company which offers the same rates that you set. In case you fail to get any then it means you have to make some addition for you to find some better deal.

Carry out a search on internet

Make sure that you search as many times as you can about car rentals in Uganda, self drive in Uganda, affordable cars for safaris in Uganda and many more. At the end of the day, you will be able to get the best deal for your safaris. Check into every agency and familiarize yourself with the people who are dealing with it prior placing your inquiry.

In conclusion, with the above listed tips we believe that you will have some money saved for you to cover other costs while on safari in Uganda. There are many ways in which you can save money on car rental in the pearl of Africa but it needs you to be patient and also pay keen attention to certain areas.

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