7 Tips for an Ultimate Self Drive Safari in Uganda

Getting to and from safari destination in Uganda or Rwanda requires you to rent that excellent, reliable and comfortable car rental that offers perfect experiences once you hit on the remotest Ugandan routes to catch a glimpse of  its remarkable Big game or more of its most exceptional tourist attractions. While others may have fear and prefer guided tours, undertaking a self drive adventure entirely rewards travel endeavors with ultimate experiences. For the most successful Uganda self drive safari, we have listed the best tips that we feel will be of great help to you;

Drive slowly

Driving through most of Uganda’s national parks isn’t the same like it is a case in a city or highway. For clear views of wildlife species, it means you have to slow down. This will also help safe guard you from extra costs that accrue from knocking wild animals. Note that most of these will be roaming across the road and this means that you have to slow down even below 15 kilometers per hours.

Never be Rushy

Be patient at all times as this will reward you with more amazing views of large number of biodiversity than you expected. If you are a bird lover, you will certainly have good time in Uganda or even the big game but this requires patience in you. Most of these wildlife species can be feeding and because of time you won’t be patient enough and end up missing great views while they are in their natural habitat.

Observe all traffic laws

A long the way, you will come across several road signs all of which will be communicating different things that you have to pay keen attention. Observing these road regulations will keep you off from any dangers while on road trip. Take note of them, avoid drinking and drive and wear seat belts at all times. Other rules and regulations that must be followed while at the national park include not driving at night, avoid off track otherwise you will be charged shs.100000 and $150, no feeding wild animals with food, driving at the park, no over speeding, turn off the car lights and the engine while viewing wild animals, no hooting and many more.

Inspect the car well before taking off

Before embarking on your self drive adventure, make sure that you have thoroughly inspected the car that you intend to use. Check the tyres and ensure that they are in better condition and a spare tyre is also in its better shape. For longer trips, at least two tyres are better. Check the water level, lights, oil, wiper blades and for any linkages. The service tag will indicate you when the vehicle was previously serviced.

Come along with Road maps and GPS

A self drive safari in a new destination is more of adventure and exploration that needs you to be prepared at all times. Things can be stressing especially when you off track and there is no one to help meaning you will need a road map and GPS to get you out of this scenario as it can help you find the right direction in the remotest areas that you are not be familiar about. You can rent a car plus GPS and the road maps at lesser or no additional charges.

Take note of other road users

Visitors on self drive should note that Uganda’s roads like most African roads are narrow and you will find pedestrian also walking along side; boda-boda riders, students, cyclists and cattle. The roads even become more narrow when you reach at the park and this means you have to slow down otherwise you cause accidents along the way.

Have breaks, eat and fuel the vehicle

Refreshing the mind after a long drive is very important factor when you are on self drive. Have adequate eats and fuel the vehicle. Never leave a big centre without filling your gas tank, otherwise you may not find any fuel station in the next area especially the protected areas in Uganda.

Do not drive when you are tired

In case you are feeling tired, please park aside and have a rest or give a friend to take over the wheel, provided he or she has a valid driver’s license.

Other tips include be aware of the weather patterns and take note of network

In conclusion, there is a lot more that is needs to be followed if you are to have most successful self drive adventure in Uganda or even Rwanda. With the above listed tips, we believe that you won’t go astray and you will have one of most memorable trips in your life.

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